BNO Process for Multi Occupied buildings

Case study – Malbury Court

The BNO network issue for multi-occupied buildings was highlighted by our recent work for Malbury Court, from whom we received a call for BNO guidance and support.

Malbury Court is a pair of 1930’s built apartment blocks, comprising 12 apartments. The estate management team commissioned their regular annual electrical inspection, unaware of the BNO regulations. The inspection resulted in a code 1 failure due to the age and condition of the service cable within the property.

The cable was cloth insulated posing a danger, and the communal areas had never been rewired since the building was first built.

Estate Managers discover that they are now responsible for the Building Network

Malbury Court estate approached UK Power Networks, only to be told that the cable is no longer their responsibility, but the responsibility of the estate. UKPN directed the estate to the BNO (Building Network Operator) Process, in support of this change of responsibilities.

‘’The BNO Process means that the estate or freeholder – not the local electricity distribution network operator – is now responsible for supplying each individual property within the block. UKPN are responsible for supplying the main electrical intake to the building, only.’’

The chairman of Malbury Court approached us (BNO Networks/Energy Connection Services) for guidance and advice as a recommended BNO Networks specialist, who is recognised as such within the industry.

Independent building network installation review

Malbury Court estate then asked us to carry out an independent review of the installation. We reviewed the infrastructure and established that the cables were underrated causing potential risk to life and the building. A full site review of the utilities and the serving main found numerous issues including 40-year-old service cables, dangerous isolators, underrated earth and individual tenant’s boards that no longer conformed to standards. On the back of the report, we also identified a dangerous landlord’s installation. Issues with gas supplies were also highlighted as part of the survey.

BNO Solution for Malbury Court

In line with the client’s needs, we swiftly responded by providing a tailored solution to include:

  • Site visit to review utilities and produce a full site report.
  • Future proof design to solve all existing issues, provide BNO services and costs to upgrade the supply.
  • The option for the client to either commission the required works via ourselves, or use our report to instruct another party.

Who is affected by BNO process?

The people responsible for multi-occupied buildings, who are affected by the BNO process are largely unaware of the problem that the changes may create for them. This presents Freeholders, Estate & Property Managers, Commercial Landlords, Electrical Contractors, Property Developers and House Builders with additional responsibilities, risks and costs to take into consideration.

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