Current Transformer (CT) Metering is a requirement for supplies with an anticipated load of over 100Amp/ 70kVA

Anyone installing or refurbishing power supplies rated >100Amp/ 70kVA will need to incorporate CT metering in their design.

Building Network Operators (BNOs) – including Local Authorities, landlords and electrical contractors of multi-occupancy properties – are now responsible for CT Chambers and Cabinets (formerly DNO’s responsibility*).

  • Local Authorities
  • Landlords
  • Electrical contractors
  • Tenants

*It is important to note however that the industry approved meter operator still has responsibility for CT metering.

It is essential to establish at the outset of your project – which CT Chamber specification you require:

  1. If your installation is to be adopted by UKPN, you will need to meet their specification – i.e. installing a Ritherdon CT Chamber.
  2. For BNO network installations – you can install a high quality ECS brand, MOCOPA compliant CT Chamber. Saving you unnecessary additional costs.

Our service includes

  • Advice on choosing the right specification
  • Planning, design & co-ordination of the required installation
  • Provision of CTs, chambers, cabinets (plus remote metering panels if required)
  • Internal Wiring
  • Testing of CTs
  • Fully certified and compliant installation, ensures no nasty surprises in the future


Diagram showing an example BNO installation – infrastructure in Green is the responsibility of the BNO