Building Networks Standard –

Impact on Multi-Occupied Buildings electricity wiring, metering & connection arrangements.

Since UKPN first introduced the network design standard for building networks in June 2013, (EDS 08-0118) – most other Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) across the UK have now introduced the same standard, affecting multi-occupied buildings in their own distribution areas.

This means that for the majority of multiple occupied buildings, the DNO will only provide one intake point. Beyond which, internal distribution becomes the responsibility of the BNO (Building Network Operator) – which in many cases is the electrical contractor or landlord. A good example of such a property would be a council owned multi-tenant apartment block.

CT Chambers, Cabinets & Metering

Another change resulting from this new standard is that the BNO is now responsible for installing any required Current Transformer (CT) metering equipment (though not the CT meter) as previously carried out by the DNO. CT metering is required for anticipated loads of >100Amp/70kVA.

The CT equipment must meet MOCOPA (Meter Operator Code of Practice Agreement) specification and installation standards. Hence, electrical contractors and landlords (BNOs) increasingly find themselves responsible for such installation issues. They require expert advice and service providers to ensure compliance. Failure to comply will result in the attending meter operator refusing to install the CT meter, which will delay the ‘power on’ date.

One-stop-shop for CT Chambers and BNO Networks

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